Your referral is your greatest compliment.


Camille is incredibly skilled. I have tried acupuncturists all over the bay and its really hit or miss. I mainly have issues with my hands and knees so Im always after acute treatments. At this point I've had at least a half dozen sessions with Camille now and she's become my go-to for when I need this kind of healing.HIGHLY recommend!



I have been living with pain from a past injury to my shoulder for the past few years. With no expectation that this would/could ever be changed. Camille was able to help me gain mobility and flexibility. She is calm, friendly, and knowledgable. Needles are not my strong point (pun) but she made the experience easy and painless, taking care to make sure I was comfortable.  I cannot thank her enough.  I highly recommend.



My experience with Camille left me relaxed, calm and pain free. Her approach is gentle, compassionate and peaceful. Since I am pretty sensitive, I especially appreciate her body work and painless needling. Camille is an amazing listener and healer. I truly recommend her if you are looking for a high quality treatment.



Camille is a highly knowledgeable and thorough practitioner. She always carries a nurturing disposition and is willing to always hold space for her patients. I am always impressed by her technique and gentle touch, as I am not the most comfortable around needles. I have been treated by her for long standing sinus problems, as well as issues with pain from sustained injuries in my shoulder. I feel her treatments have helped me greatly, and I would recommend her to anyone. She carries a truly wholistic philosophy when discussing and treating her patients.



Having seen varying Acupuncturists from the many places I've moved to, Camille is highly knowledgeable and very skilled with her technique. I am so happy to be treated by Camille again. She worked with me through my first pregnancy two years ago.  I was suffering through insomnia before and during my first trimester. She has an incredible gentle touch with needles and I am not one that cares for them. My insomnia always turns into more restful and deep sleep. Now that I have a two year old toddler and continue work, my insomnia has returned more forcefully and I also have incredible tighness/pain in both of my upper arms for months. She worked through my whole body with her massage technique and gave more attention to my left arm before needling. I slept so well the rest of this week and the pain in my arm has decreased significantly after so many months of not knowing what else to do. Camille really takes her time with you to know what is going on with your body. I will be making this a regular visit here on out.



Camille has treated me with needles so many times when I had immediate needs and acute things going on. Every single time she seemed to pull her energy to the level needed in the moment and procure a treatment that produced immediate results. That speaks to her care as a knowledgeable and tuned in practitioner. As a person and character, she is instantly likable and has an ease with people that is so welcoming as if you've known her for years. I feel lucky to have her as my personal practitioner and as a referral at the top of my list!!



One thing I love about seeing Camille is that she looks at the whole picture. In addition to walking out balanced and refreshed from my treatment, I come away with new ideas about eating, herbs, and exercising. It's clear that she sees acupuncture as a part of overall health. I have a needle phobia which has led to some less than relaxing acupuncture sessions in the past, but Camille is always gentle and patient, checking in as we go to make sure that I'm feeling good. A few other reviewers have described her as scientifically minded and nurturing, and that's really the perfect description. I'd also never had Tui Nah before, but it's my new favorite type of massage. Ask for it!



Camille was incredibly helpful in treating a debilitating pain with a combination of acupuncture, body work and suggested exercises.  Her needle practice was very gentle and supported by an impressive understanding of the body. I wish I knew my body as well as she did! 
I look forward to visiting her again to work on less acute injuries and highly recommend her.  It's clear that she cares deeply and has had extensive training.



Camille's dedication to her patients is so apparent, I feel so supported when I receive sessions from her. I really appreciate how she checks in with me throughout the session to make sure I'm comfortable, showing me that she really understands that each person is different and that she can easily accommodate anyone's needs.



Camille is that rare healer who's professional, smart, gentle, and intuitive. In addition to being a healer, she's an artist, a former science teacher, and a voracious student of alternative healing techniques and theory, and she brings all of that to her practice. Her space is beautiful and calming, and her bedside manner is very present, attuned, and reassuringly confident. She's friendly, but she doesn't let chit chat get in the way of your experience - or her work. She is a deep listener, both to your words and to your body, and will often intuitively suggest treatments or lifestyle changes that support her work and your overall well-being. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomical and energy systems, and it shows in her needling style: remarkably gentle and accurate (no needling around to find the right spot... ha ha...), as well as her massage and cupping, which are both strong and energetically powerful, but never painful. In fact, she seems to know when to go deeper, when to lighten her touch, and where to focus her hands and her energy, though she's also very receptive to feedback and suggestions. What I found most profound was the sense that she treated me like a whole body and a whole person, taking my personality, my lifestyle, and what she learned from my body (that I don't even know) into account when suggesting foods to eat more or less of, herbs or oils to use, and ways to counter-balance the parts of me that were out of whack. I left my session feeling physically, emotionally, and energetically better, and also with practical, personalized ways I could adjust my habits to help with my particular ailments and personality. Perhaps most importantly, I left feeling like, on a very deep level, I had been seen for who I really am, and what my struggles are. And all without judgment, hurry, or frustration about my resistance to help or health. It's a holistic experience coming from deep, unconditional love - all powered by her big, fat, giant brain. 



Camille is an amazing caregiver and healer. Her acupuncture sessions are gentle and soothing. She often combines massage or cupping with her treatments. Camille has a knowledgable and skilled methodology. Highly recommended!



 I highly recommend Camille for your various wellness needs.  Her professional services have long term results.  Within 2 treatments, she completely changed my menstrual cycle.  I've had a lifelong (20 yr) heavy and extended cycle which I accepted as "normal".  Her treatment shortened and lightened my cycle and that treatment was 2 years ago!  Her gentle needling and kind demeanor is so relaxing to be around.  I recommended her for both specific issues and general wellness maintenance.



I can't say enough good things about my experience with Camille. Two days after my session with her, I am still on Cloud 9, with renewed energy, no chronic pain, and a sense of focus on my goals. I've done acupuncture with a number of practitioners, but I've never had someone take the caring, attentive time she spent with me at intake, and I've never experienced someone zero in so quickly with needles on the channels I apparently needed to tap into! She did an incredibly soothing massage first, and had a very gentle touch when it was time for needles. Her bedside manner is relaxed and receptive in a rare way. I had that humming, buzzing, "out of body" experience while the needles were in and woke up feeling refreshed and de-stressed physically, mentally and spiritually. I will definitely see her again and recommend Honeycomb Acupuncture to everyone! Location is easy and pleasant and she is punctual and professional in all ways. Thank you Camille!!!



I have had a few acupuncture sessions with Camille and feel like I was in excellent hands. She has a strong knowledge of many aspects of health and the human body. I particularly appreciate her caring and peaceful demeanor.



I am a long time Accupuncture enthusiast, having received so many benefits, from digestive support , boosting fertility, to pain and stress management. I truly enjoyed my treatment with Camille and was easily able to drop in and be seen when I needed it most. Camille has this beautiful balance of nurturing touch with confidant clinical know how. I will definitely be coming again!
Thank you Camille!



Camille is incredible, I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!
I have been receiving acupuncture and healing advice from Camille for the past two years. She is always extremely professional and present in each session: asking questions about my daily eating/drinking/life habits, taking into careful consideration all of my concerns & questions while she fully delves into the heart of an issue before I am even on the table. The needle points she picks address both my physical symptoms as well as any psychological or emotional challenges I am dealing with. She is extremely attuned to her patients and has a very gentle touch, always checks in to see how each point feels and adjusts immediately if something is uncomfortable or too intense.
Many times Camille leads me through chakra and grounding meditations while I lie on the table with the needle points engaged. I have found this to be an amazing tool for shedding stress and anxiety or for working through emotional trauma, depression or getting more fully centered within my spiritual self. She has also done Tui Nah massage on me, which felt amazing ! Additionally, Camille is a great resource in her extensive knowledge of holistic foods and specific diets to help with whatever issue is going on. She is also great at recommending herbs and daily activities which help her patients heal themselves.
As a result of a session with Camille, I have witnessed huge amounts of stress, anxiety and fear I was carrying around pass through and leave my body to be replaced by a great calmness and a better understanding of myself and my needs. I always leave her office feeling better than when I came in. Camille is an all-around inspirational human being and an incredible healer. I know very few people who are as seriously talented, focused, hard-working, kind-hearted and as much the real-deal as Camille!!!



Camille is a natural healer. As a patient, her calm and confidence put me totally at ease. Her treatments are gentle yet powerful, and I always leave feeling blissfully renewed. The amazing thing about getting treated by Camille is that although she creates a spa-like environment, her real skill is as a medical practitioner. She took the time to fully understand my condition and then develop a treatment plan that was not only totally effective, but also clearly very well researched. I feel so lucky to have found her and I give her my highest recommendation!



I went in for an appointment with Camille. She immediately made sure I was taken care of and comfortable. She is a wonderful caregiver and I will definitely be returning soon for another appointment. Highly recommend this place!



Camille's kind and warm presence will instantly put you at ease. She's very thorough and able to find just the right right points that move the energy in your body for optimum healing, release, and relaxation. Camille is a natural counselor and will become an invaluable ally for you on your healing journey. She really gets to know you and your needs. I look forward to my sessions with Camille every week because they help me to feel healthy, balanced, and really good in my body!



Camille was instrumental in helping me with my thyroid issues. She got me on a thyroid specific diet. I feel amazing. She is an incredible healer and I highly recommend her.



I have to admit: I have always been a little nervous about acupuncture, despite it's many proven benefits. Being stuck full of needles doesn't seem particularly appealing. But Camille's warm confidence immediately put me at ease. She strikes me as a true healer, attending to the wellbeing of her clients. She didn't just sit me down and ask me medical questions. Instead, she wanted to know how I was feeling, what's been going on in my life, and listened deeply and patiently as I talked. I felt like she was interested in treating more than just my physical symptoms. The treatment itself was so gentle -- not at all what I had expected -- left me feeling deeply relaxed and balanced for weeks after. I am now a regular client, and would recommend her to anyone looking for healing!!



I highly recommend Camille Schindler as a professional in her field and as a graceful, knowledgeable healer. Her treatments are gentle and thorough and work on a much deeper level than traditional American medicine. I will definitely seek her personalized treatments again and would encourage anyone interested in acupuncture to visit her!



I have had multiple acupuncture treatments given by Camille Schindler for chronic neck pain and tendonitis. She listened to my concerns and asked about my well being as a whole. The needling was gentle, and the time she gave me was wonderful. With the acupuncture, herbs and amazing advice I improved. Thank you Camille for your healing care!



Camille is so awesome!
Sometimes I struggle with anxiety and its pretty much debilitating and seeing Camille about twice a month really helps me with all the days in between. She really knows how to keep all aspects of life positive and healthy and keeping good balance. The needles are placed in the perfect spots to really help what im going though. Iv also been treated by her for a leg injury and she really help my recovery speed up and gave to ways to keep it from being hurt again.
The space is very comfortable and I really feel her power of healing in my physical and metal self.
I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and I actually find my self doing it all the time for so many diffident reasons!
Happy patient here!



Feel free to email or call (707) 318-0423 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions.